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Mar 31, 2023Liked by Michael Karnjanaprakorn

I have cat allergies too! Though they’re not severe. I married a cat lover and after we tied the knot it felt inevitable that my wife should experience life with her first cat. We eventually got an orange and white tabby named Soleil from Brooklyn Animal Action. We had a zoom call with him (lol) and he was dropped off a few days later.

I was excited but nervous about how the allergies would turn out. I recorded my daily symptoms on a 0-10 scale in Notion. After 6-8 weeks of self induced exposure therapy, I realized I was forgetting to record because symptoms were gone. Now I have this rad chaotic roommate in my life who sleeps 15h a day and shows his butt on zoom calls (and is currently sitting on my chest).

Glad the allergies have subsided and it’s working out for you!

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