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@mikekarnj newsletter - sept '19

@mikekarnj newsletter - sept '19
By Michael Karnjanaprakorn • Issue #65 • View online

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Michael Karnjanaprakorn
I like taking bets on people with a chip on their shoulder.
Money does buy happiness, if you earned it.
Sahil Lavingia
First-time founders care most about product.

Second-time founders care most about distribution.
The first 12 mo of a startup can be compressed to:

1. Is there demand & does anyone want this?
2. Is it useful & will they keep using it?
3. How do I get more people to keep using it?

Interspersed w/ periods of irrational conviction & temp sadness despite nothing having changed
Brian Armstrong
It's easy to bounce from one new idea to the next, exploring your intellectual curiosity. But having an impact requires a decade of moving the ball forward one yard every day, sometimes in a very mundane way, through multi-year ups and downs.
Erik Torenberg
Underrated skill: taking young people seriously.

Treating them w/ similar respect others will give them in a few years--or not immediately discounting them because of their age.

Later on, they’ll remember who treated them well & who saw something in them before others did.
🔖 Articles
Where Does Affirmative Action Leave Asian-Americans? - The New York Times
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XXL Magazine
Big Sean just went IN on his Funk Flex freestyle 🔥

Eric Knight Hornung
Every VC: “yes! we’re in! soon as you have a lead”

Founder: [trying to get a lead investor 👇🏼 ]
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