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@mikekarnj newsletter - May 2019

@mikekarnj newsletter - May 2019
By Michael Karnjanaprakorn • Issue #61 • View online

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Michael Karnjanaprakorn
Unpopular opinion: A/B tests are just a way to delay decision-making. It is the best way to build mediocre products.
Bilal Zuberi
Five core jobs of a CEO:
1. Nail down strategy for company
2. Deliver capital to pursue that strategy
3. Build team to execute
4. Communicate the hell out of company strategy (internally and externally)
5. Hold people accountable.
Andrew Wilkinson
So often, the summation of a 30-60 minute call could be achieved with a 2-3 line email.

"I want you to intro me to X person"
"I want a job"
"I want you to buy X company for Y"

It's insane to think about how many eons of productivity are wasted dancing around things. Just ask!
Justin Kan
Don’t underestimate trust as a necessary foundation to Getting Shit Done. I use to think skills were all that was important. But trust is a coefficient on your team’s productivity.
Sahil Lavingia
I think getting eight hours of sleep a night is a competitive advantage.
Austen isn’t on this app for a while
Seeing a lot more companies doing a "paid sprint" where you work at a company for a little while instead of whiteboard interviews.

Seems like a vastly superior way to hire.
Eric Stromberg
The relationship between how much data a VC asks for and the probability they'll actually invest:
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The fastest 100m dash in high school HISTORY: 9.98 seconds 😳💨

(via @Texan_Live)
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