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@mikekarnj newsletter - June 2019

@mikekarnj newsletter - June 2019
By Michael Karnjanaprakorn • Issue #62 • View online
Productivity tip: Set aside an hour (or two) on Friday afternoon to clear out your inbox and write out your priorities for the following week. It’ll allow you to relax over the weekend and be present.
In cultural news:
  1. Jay-Z is now a billionaire
  2. Jeff Koons ‘Rabbit’ Sets Auction Record for Most Expensive Work by Living Artist
  3. People are blaming Anthony Joshua’s heavyweight boxing upset on the Drake curse

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Michael Karnjanaprakorn
Things I value more today than I did five years ago: creative freedom, positive energy, deeper relationships, work flexibility, and personal time.
Michael Karnjanaprakorn
"Slow down to move faster."

One of my favorite startup operating principles.
Justin Kan
Every founder should aspire to live in their Zone of Genius: the things you love doing that give you energy.

Don't get trapped in your Zone of Excellence (the things you are great at but sap your energy). You will find yourself excelling at a job you hate.
Justin Kan
CEOs: if you create a system that is successful, it doesn’t matter what part of that system you are doing yourself.

"The CEO's Job" is whatever makes the company successful, not some pre-specified set of responsibilities
It is shocking how often startups fail because of the personality flaws and deep seated childhood traumas of their founders and execs.

Get therapy. Get exec coaching. Do inner work.

It will save you if you let it. You’ll solve problems now and prevent problems in the future.
Justin Kan
Nothing really matters, and that is a beautiful thing. Remember that you are just playing a game, and whatever you are obsessing over at this moment is just one turn of hundreds or thousands.
Paul Graham
When I was a kid, I thought mistakes were simply bad, and to be avoided. As an adult I realized many problems are best solved by working in two phases, one in which you let yourself make mistakes, followed by a second in which you aggressively fix them.
A lack of product-market-fit is never solved with more features.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
“6 weeks pregnant” = 2 weeks late on your period.

Most of the men writing these bills don’t know the first thing about a woman’s body outside of the things they want from it. It’s relatively common for a woman to have a late period + not be pregnant.

So this is a backdoor ban.
🔖 Articles
‘Wow, What Is That?’ Navy Pilots Report Unexplained Flying Objects - The New York Times
When Evidence Says No, but Doctors Say Yes - The Atlantic
Everything should take 20 minutes | The Outline
📼 Video
ari ❼
why is this video of a sea of elementary school kids going HAM to old town road literally the funniest video i’ve ever seen in my whole life
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Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World
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