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@mikekarnj newsletter - aug '19

@mikekarnj newsletter - aug '19
By Michael Karnjanaprakorn • Issue #64 • View online

Michael Karnjanaprakorn
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Maia Bittner (SF)
Me when a founder is pitching me: “So what is the deep childhood trauma that you’ve sublimated into a maniacal drive for success?”
1/ Companies have cycles: your product sucks, you can't acquire customers, you can't keep customers, you can't hire fast enough, you can't scale anymore, etc. The uncertainty creates doubt, maybe even fear. Maybe it makes you think "boy, what the hell am I doing with my life?"
Michael Karnjanaprakorn
I've spent this year developing a habit on positive reframing, which is taking every negative and thinking about the positive. Every event can be viewed in both a negative or positive light.
How I do first (20 min) phone screens:

(1) Ask how much you know about us

(2) Talk about our mission and vision

(3) Explain how this role fits into vision

(4) Ask for a summary of your career so far, why leaving current co, what's next?

(5) How ready are you to move now?
Justin Kan
Adopt an attitude of taking 100% responsibility for your life at home and at work. Not for others’ sake but for your own: feeling like things are happening *to* you and not because of your choices will make you miserable.
Jason ✨😊✨ Lemkin 🦄
IME, rough order to make hires in:

VPM: $0.2m ARR
VPS: $1-$1.5m ARR
VPP: $3m-$4m ARR
VPE: $5m-$6m ARR
CFO: $10m ARR
COO: $20m ARR

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When a Dating Dare Leads to Months of Soul Searching - The New York Times
A No B.S. Guide to Startup Stock Option Grants - Matt Cooper - Medium
A healthier me – Bijan Sabet
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Rich Brian - Yellow ft. Bekon (Official Video)
Rich Brian - Yellow ft. Bekon (Official Video)
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The Tao of Wu
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