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@mikekarnj newsletter - April 19

@mikekarnj newsletter - April 19
By Michael Karnjanaprakorn • Issue #60 • View online

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Michael Karnjanaprakorn
Focus on your team/company output first and your personal productivity second.

So many focus on the latter (me included) while the former has 10x leverage and impact.

Getting your team to row in the same direction is more important that optimizing for how fast you can row.
Michael Karnjanaprakorn
If you're not slightly uncomfortable then you're not taking enough risk.
Aaron 📦
3 most stressful things about business:

1. Growth
2. Profit
3. Trying to switch between the Calendar app and Phone app fast enough to type in the conference call code before the woman’s voice tells you to start over again.
Avichal ⚡
"It's a marathon not a sprint" is only half true.

The best marathoners complete run 4:45 minutes/mile for 26.2 miles. How many people can run even one mile at that pace?

If you want to compete with the best, you need to run at a pace that looks like a sprint to normal people.
Justin Kan
The two most important qualities in a founder are self-awareness and a growth mindset.

Self-awareness = knowing what you need to improve
Growth mindset = you can improve anything
Radical strategy: go single founder but take an equal second founder stake and make a monster employee pool, and pay 2x-3x market on grants. Founder still gets same as a 2-founder startup, and treats the first 20 employees all as Co-founders
Sahil Lavingia
It's a lot easier to work at your dream company than you may think.

Research the company.
Use the product.
Write a personable, specific email to {CEO's first name}@{company url}.
Humbly suggest some ideas, report a bug.
If you're a designer, include a small UX improvement.
Good startup hygiene:

-set a small number of specific cultural values from inception
-define a mission
-declare war on gossip
-lionize cross function problem solvers
-encourage action
-abstain from meetings
-hold something sacred (product, tech, sales)
-protect your secret
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Virgil Abloh, Menswear’s Biggest Star | The New Yorker
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📼 Video
Steve Stewart-Williams
Amazing time-lapse footage of a day in the life of a pair of pot plants. Plants are so much more active than we usually imagine! We don't notice, though, because they move in slow motion (or, from the plant's point of view, we move in crazy fast motion).
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