Michael's Newsletter - March 2017

This month, I spent some time writing about the future of work, and where I think the world is headed
Michael's Newsletter - March 2017
By Michael Karnjanaprakorn • Issue #35
This month, I spent some time writing about the future of work, and where I think the world is headed. I’m extremely optimistic about the future! 
Some other recommendations: check out the Warren Buffet documentary on HBO, keep a close eye on Bitcoin (especially in China) and listen to the new Future album.

7 Reasons To Be Excited About The Future of Work
By 2030, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. Because they work differently, they will change the status quo of work. This generation will push through more innovation and change than we’ve…
t is going to be an extremely hard job. No amount of preparation or education is going to prepare you for what it demands.
Before doing this job I had a visions of CEOs being sort of like military generals, motivating the troops before they went into battle. There was a lot of bravado and barking commands in my head. The…
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WeChat (Chinese: 微信; pinyin: Wēixìn; literally: “micro message”) is a cross-platform instant messaging service developed by Tencent and used by 700 million people as a single go-to app for all…
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Now that we have launched and have paying customers, I’m sharing the tactics I used to build and launch a SaaS company, along with the documentation that I created during this process including email outreach scripts, user stories, product requirements doc, and other tools I used to make it happen.
The Intercept can now reveal that Palantir has worked for years to boost the global dragnet of the NSA and its international partners, and was in fact co-created with American spies. 
When you view your relationship like a bank account, instead of working on what’s wrong with it, you strengthen what’s right, so that the positives overwhelm the negatives, diminishing their significance and impact on your love and happiness.
In school it was easy. But knowing how to make friends as an adult is something nobody teaches us. Here’s what research and experts say can help.
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