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Michael's Newsletter - July 2018

Michael's Newsletter - July 2018
By Michael Karnjanaprakorn • Issue #51 • View online
Since the last newsletter, Lebron decided to go the Lakers, Kanye and Drake dropped new albums, and the World Cup is halfway done.
For me, I’ve been taking it easy this summer. I spent a week in Asheville during my Think Week. I emerged with a lot of clarity on my goals and what I will be doing next in my career. 
Also, Asheville is an amazing town! I mean… the Obamas have vacationed there. It has a great combination of nature, food, drinks, and culture. Don’t believe me? Check out this article: Why Is Asheville North Carolina So Cool?
I’m currently in Milan, Italy with Leah as she’s here for work and I decided to tag along and explore the country. (Please send any recommendations for Northern Italy.)
With the extra time during my sabbatical, I’ve been devouring books. I just finished Bad Blood (about Theranos), The Force, and Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson, among a couple of others which I’ve recommended below. I’m currently reading the Lessons of History, Thirteen Days, and Prediction Machines. (Also, please send any great book recommendations.)
Until the next one…
- Michael 

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Michael Karnjanaprakorn
Google wasn't the first search engine. Facebook wasn't the first social network. Ethereum wasn't the first blockchain. It's not about being first to market. It's about being first to scale to critical mass.
Michael Karnjanaprakorn
Chinese startups optimize for experimentation (add lots of features instead of a few) and
chabuduo, or close enough, 70% done, to get things done faster. Speed coupled w/ rate of innovation is an underestimated comp advantage. Startups that can handle this complexity will win.
Michael Karnjanaprakorn
New @turingcapital article on blockchain moats: 1) network effects, 2) ecosystem, 3) governance, 4) compliance, and 5) brand:

(Thanks to @ljxie @veradittakit @felix2feng for feedback on early drafts)
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