Issue #7: Kobe, Relationships & Getting Rich at Startups

Hello! I’m the ceo/founder of Skillshare. Every week, I’ll share interesting links that covers cultur
Issue #7: Kobe, Relationships & Getting Rich at Startups
By Michael Karnjanaprakorn • Issue #7
Hello! I’m the ceo/founder of Skillshare. Every week, I’ll share interesting links that covers culture, creativity, startups, productivity, and life. Will keep it short and sweet for the cool kids.
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Startups and Shit, How to get rich in tech, guaranteed.
But, as far as I know, startups are the only way to get 20 years of experience in five. The reason to join a startup is because you are awesome, you’re willing to work hard, and you don’t want to wait 20 years to be making decisions that impact the business.
16 Lists You Should Make for Your Career - The Muse
From your list of resolutions to your accomplishments list to your career bucket list, these 16 lists will boost your career in 2016.
How to Read an Entire Book in a Single Day
You’ve been putting off reading that book for weeks, and you’re supposed to have read it all by tomorrow. Whether you’re cramming for school, or trying to avoid looking like a lazy bum in your book club, don’t lose hope. You can power through that tome without forgetting everything and coming away with nothing.
Toxic relationship habits most people think are normal - Quartz
There’s no class in high school on how to not be a shitty boyfriend or girlfriend. Sure, they teach us the biology of sex, the legality of marriage, and maybe we read a few obscure love stories from the 19th century on how not to be. But when it comes down to actually handling the…
The Financial Benefits of Buying What You Love - The New York Times
Buying something you love, regardless of price, may be the best decision you can make because you will get more out of it in the end.
How Atlanta Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha became a civil rights symbol
On an April night in New York City, the Hawks forward was injured and arrested by the NYPD. This is the exclusive story of how, in the aftermath, he became what he never wanted to be: a civil rights symbol.
Forces of Character: A conversation with Gregg Popovich | HoopsHype
Excerpted from Forces of Character: Conversations about Building a Life of Impact by Chad Hennings and Jon Finkel. 
My high school teammate, Kobe Bryant
There was a moment when a teenage Kobe Bryant existed on the brink between hometown hero and NBA superstar. This is that moment, as told by his 1996 team.
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